Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ooty - Post Trip Write Up

Ooty Trip with Friends’ Family:
We 16 peoples of 5 families went to Ooty in the 1st week of September and had a nice time.

Toy Train on Bridge

We Started From Chennai Central by Blue Mountain Exp 21.00 pm Friday and Reached Mettupalayam by 6.15am Saturday. From Metupalayam we planned to travel by Toy Train for a joyful journey. The Train Started at Mettupalayam 7.10 am and Reached Ooty station by 12.00pm.(It took 4.50 hours to cross 46km - the Train run at 10km/h speed only) We Stayed near to the Railway station so we reached in 5 min time.
Toy Train engine

We refreshed at Rooms and started by 3pm for site seen in Ooty. By the time we start from Room rain started to drizzle. But it was not too heavy. We managed and went first to Ooty Boat house for a Boat Ride. It was 1 km distance from our Guest house so we went by Bus as some of our family members are old peoples.

Near Tunnel on the way to Ooty by Toy Train

Near Hillgove Station

Near Hillgove Station
Near Coonoor Station

Near Coonoor Station in between Trains

Near Hillgrove Station On Track

Footboard Travel in Toy Train

Driving Toy Train

Near a Stream on the way to Ooty
In Boat House there is an entry fee of Rs. 5 per head has to pay and then enter inside. For Boat ride separate fee has to pay depending upon the members and the boat type. We selected 2 no’s of 8 seater motor Boat. We paid 405 X 2 and had a wonderful jolly ride. The two boat drivers are friends and ride the boat very closely as we had an experience that we all are travelling in a single boat. Also the boat man offered us 2nd round with extra money for both boats (Rs.100 per boat)
Boat Ride at Ooty Lake
 Ooty Lake handshaking with Friend in another boat

After the boat ride the rain started to drizzle again so we cannot plan for further place. So we had some evening snacks / food in the Restaurant inside the Boat house. After that some of the peoples are went back to room and we few peoples went to Charring cross area for some Shopping. We bought home made chocolates and Ooty Tea. We returned to Guest house by auto after our Dinner in some hotel.

2nd Day We arranged a Mazda van for Sight seen around Ooty. We had breakfast and started at 9 am by van. We seen some of the Film shooting places on the way to Pykara. The places we seen are:

Pine Forest Lake

1.      Pine Forest.
2.      7th Mile
3.      9th Mile
4.      Pykara Lake

9th Mile near Pykara
Near Pykara Lake
Thottabetta Suicide Point

On the early morning there was some rain so the Pine forest area was slippery. We young peoples moved through the area with the help of one another by holding hands. Some peoples are not come down from van due to slippery. On the down side we seen there was a lake with some water. We took some photos there and returned to van.

Next we went to 7th Mile Film Shooting point, there was green grass area with pine forest to see.

Botonical Garden
Third we went to 9th Mile spot where we see a small Hill with Green Grass. People are enjoying with sliding and playing there. In the road side there is some tea shops and our people had a nice tea there. Finally we travel to Pykara Dam. On the way to Dam we seen Dam Shutter area where the Roja Climax scene was taken. 

After that we went to Doddabetta the highest peak (2637 metres / 8650 feet) of Nilgiri Hills and South India. Doddabetta is located 9 km from Ooty on the Ooty-Kothagiri Road. Entry fees is Rs. 5 per person. There is an observatory at the top of Doddabetta with two telescopes available for the public to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the whole district.  From here we can see the Mettupalayam and Coimbatore areas. Here we can see the clouds passing through us and some time we can feel the Rain drizzle due to cloud. One can enjoy Ice cream in that climate is really awesome. 

By return we went to Botonical Garden in the evening. Entry fees was Rs.20 at the season. In non season Rs.10 per person. We paid 20 on 2nd season(?). It was not so beautiful as we seen before on Seasonal time. But we spent some time with fun games and taking photos.

Third Day we arranged a Mazda vehicle for coonoor Trip. We had breakfast and started at 9 am by van. The places we seen are:

1. Rose Garden in Ooty
2. Sims Park in Coonoor
3. Dolphins Nose View Point
4. Lambs Rock View Point
5. Tea Gardens

First we went to Rose Garden as we missed on the previous days.  Entry fees was Rs.20 at the season. In non season Rs.10 per person. Here also they said 2nd season and we paid Rs.20. But it was not worth as no flowers was there at that time.        ( Here the flower show will be held every year on May)

Rose Garden
Secondly we proceeded to Coonoor. In Coonoor we went first to Sim's Park. (Here the fruit and Vegetable show will be held every year on May) Entry fees was Rs.20 at the season. In non season Rs.10 per person.

Sim's Park
After lunch we went to Dolphin's Nose view point and we spent some time. This is the other end of Coonoor hill. We have to travel 20km from coonoor city. From here we can see the Catherine falls and Kodanadu at some distance.

At Dolphin's Nose
Dolphin's Nose
On the way to Dolphins Nose we can see lots of Tea Gardens. We took some pictures in these gardens. We entered into these gardens with care because we heard that leach will be there in these Tea Gardens. That's why the tea pluckers are wearing thick cloths and plastic cover over that.
Coonoor Tea Estate

Finally we went to Lambs Rock. Here we have to climb the hill 1km to see the view point. It was little steap to climb. But it was worth a view. Some of the peoples are stayed back for rest and we few peoples are climbed up to the view point. By the time it was getting dark and mist was covered. So we came back to our van and we proceeded back to Mettupalayam to Catch the Train at 19.45pm. (The van  cost we paid Rs. 3000 from Ooty and Coonoor Sight seen and upto Mettupalayam Drop)
Tea Garden at Coonoor

Lambs Rock
We all travelled back to Chennai with very pleasant and Chill memories by Nilgiri Express. 


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